Monday, March 31, 2014

Four Mile Historic Park, Denver CO

Digging for "gold" in the winterized gold panning station.

The most favorite activity of the day.... Drawing water from the well.

I know it has been nearly a year since I submitted to this space.  It isn't for a lack of adventure.  But I guess time off was what was needed.  The photos are limited on a scout outing with needing to get permissions from every scout parent.  So we'll just make do with my scouts.  We went with Scout S.'s Tiger Den for a Go See it to the Four Mile Historic Park this last Saturday.

We weren't on a specific tour but free ranged around and letting the boys guide the way.  We had a terrific time washing laundry the old fashioned way and I would say drawing water from the well was the highlight of the boy's activities.  If there is anything with water and Tiger Cubs will naturally gravitate there. 

We have been to this place several times before and as such we were able to share some of the things we had learned previous with some of the other boys and those who had been before too had much to share as well.

I will say that my boys (as the Girl Scout was off on her own adventure) are determined to add their own washing equipment to our own back yard but were disappointed when I said we couldn't dig our own well in the backyard.  And as always,  chickens elsewhere are just as fascinating even when you own your own chickens. I doubt we will ever tire of chickens sightings on any of our adventures. In addition to hand washing equipment, We may see some hoops for games and stilts.  And might I add that Tug of war is still a timeless game.

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