Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Paris Street Market in Littleton, CO

My sweet girl and I ventured out for a little girl time.  First thing we did is hit our favorite book store, The Tattered Cover.  We treated ourselves to tall herbal teas and Miss C. had the biggest Croissant I have ever seen.   After we had you morning tea, we headed to Littleton for A Paris Street Market.  This sweet market can be found on the first Saturday of the month from June through Oct.  It was our second time going and we made sure to bring the camera along this time.  Take a little picture journey with me below.

 Goodness gracious... Gluten free mini cupcakes by Tresors Doux gluten free treats and they didn't taste like gluten free at all!  And the pile of chocolate frosting on top with raspberry was a treat for this girl who has to pass up most treats due to Celiac's disease. It was so nice to walk by and feel free to eat the sample and buy myself a treat for a change.  I was so in need of a cupcake.  Thanks ladies... you made my day.

And there she is... my best girlfriend.   Sitting so sweetly admiring her newly purchased vintage doll.  I myself only picked up some vintage lace.  I was rather surprised that was all I came home with.  Not that I wasn't eying a few items... but I have some other things my money is going to go towards.

We ended the day with Miss C., doing some baking.  She is making Creamy Lime Squares (minus the food coloring).  She feels really proud to have made it by herself and she learned how to zest citrus too.  We also swapped out the flour for a Gluten free blend.

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