Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Bucket List #24 and Happy Birthday Colorado!

Happy 136th birthday, Colorado!
Given that this blog is mainly devoted to exploring and savoring the awesome state of Colorado, it is only fitting that we celebrate it!  So we headed off to the New Colorado History Museum.  Summer Bucket List Item # 24.... Check!!!  And it was a free day!

 Here's a shout out to the awesome balloon lady, making awesome balloon creations. 

 They had a mining area.  Of course, with Colorado's history. My favorite was the miner's lunch box.  It was ingenious and better than the Tiffin Boxes that I am such a fan of.

 Always a favorite in our family to find vintage BSA stuff.

 The biggest hit was Lego-rado (Colorado built in legos).

 There was several groups invited to perform.  We only caught the Native American one. 

I am not sure how we managed to be so Coloradoan today.  On Monday, I was looking at our Bucket list... pondering on what would be easy to do.  I went to the website of the History Colorado Center 
and low and behold Aug 1st was not only Colorado's 136th Birthday but also a free day there. 

Honestly, I thought it would be bigger. But what they had there was pretty good.  Happy Birthday Colorado!

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