Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Bucket List # 16- Make Marshmallows

Summer Bucket List # 16

One of the things on my personal bucket list of life is to make homemade marshmallows.  The process isn't difficult, but something that you need to watch.  Like fudge or candy making. This is another one of those bucket list items we failed at.  But of course, we plan on doing it again.  My marshmallows didn't turn out so well.  They separated and were very sticky.  We didn't get to the point where they were set enough to roll into the dusting powder.  But.. they tasted very good. Thanks to my friend, Marie, for trying it with me... I should ask her how her batch was.

As with many things I would like to learn, I went to my trusty Pinterest "University" for my own personal Marshmallow Making Class.  Next time I am going to try this sans kiddos and see if I get better results before trying it with them again.
You can try the recipe Here
Have you tried a new recipe lately or something you have always wanted to try your hand at making?

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