Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Bucket List #14- Glo Stick Fun

This was a Fourth of July unlike any we have ever had.  With the serious nature of the fires in Colorado, it is understandable that fireworks would be banned in the whole state.  Most of the professional shows were cancelled too.  It was already illegal where we live to light fireworks, but people broke that law left and right every year, which treated us to days before and after of fireworks all throughout the neighborhood.  But this year... everyone seemed to have taken the message to heart.  It was eerily quiet all week. Though on the 4th, there were a few renegade firecracker sounds. That night we gathered at some friends with some good eats and board games and decided to light up the night... with Glo sticks... and four $10 we had about 150 glo sticks amongst about 15 kids and they had a blast!  Even when fireworks return, I think this will be a yearly tradition. In fact I think I will stock up even more!  It was loads of fun.

I loved how the kids were so creative in adorning themselves with them and they had quite the jamboree in the backyard.

The big fat glo sticks make quite the image.

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  1. We did that too, but I was more stingy with the glowsticks. We played tag and murder in the dark, and ghosts in the graveyard