Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Bucket List #1- Skating to the 80's

 Yesterday we went to Skate City in Littleton for the first time.  It was long overdue as they were all complete newbies at skating.  But I think that if we take them another time again really soon  they older two will have it down.  Anyhow they divided the kids into age groups with decade assignments.  We landed in the 80s.  So I teased my girl's hair and sprayed it some different colors.   Like her Madonna type gloves? Wait... Cindi Lauper?  It's been awhile.

 We spiked up the boys and went in to have a good time.

 We fell a lot.
 There might have been some tears.
 But we are close to having some skaters.  We will go again soon.  Have you tried anything new lately?  Join the fun and sign up with The Happy Family Movement and get your summer bucket list going.

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