Friday, April 6, 2012

In The Beyond:Texas-Sized and Texas-Shaped

The Texas State of mind...
When they say that everything is bigger in Texas... They just might mean it. In the candy store my daughter and I visited, some of the candy... was... TEXAS... Sized. And size isn't the only thing to factor in. I should have documented this more, but people really like the shape of their state. They adorn tables with it (my uncle can makes some), metal plaquareds on the sides of barns and as you can see... you can have Texas shaped waffles and you can grill your BBQ at a rest stop on... you guessed it... a Texas shaped BBQ grill (they have awesome rest stops). When you visit Texas... there is no doubt as to where you are... should you forget or something. My kids say that the Texas Waffles we had at our Motel... were very good.

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