Saturday, April 21, 2012

In the Beyond: The Texas Civil War Museum

If you are ever in and around the Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas area please be sure to save time to go and visit the Texas Civil War Museum.  For us westerners it was the closest look yet we have had at some semi hands on experience with the Civil War.  And yes I know it pales into the experiences that we could have if went to visit some of the sites back East, but we have yet to make it that far.  We do hope to remedy that as soon as financially possible.  This museum also included gallery of women's clothing up to the Edwardian Era. 

You should have seen the look on Miss C's face when she realized what was making the dress form's bum so big.  She just couldn't fathom why any one would want to make their bum bigger or use a corset.  Especially after she got a good look at what a corset did to a person spine.  I could just imagine my chiropractor having a heart attack over that!
The rest of the style, the fabric, the lace and flowing gowns, was Miss C's dream come true.

A "behind" the scenes look at bustles.

The museum gave a heavy dose of Texas' involvement in the Civil war and putting views on slavery aside, it is one to be proud of.

As usual, the boys were drawn to imagining life with a musket and a change of clothes.

Miss C and I were drawn to the hand work of quilts, knitting and embroidery.

If it isn't guns for the boys, its swords.

We enjoyed learning about Prominent men and even a few women who lived their lives in this era and through the war.

A little boys dress up uniform of the era.

Drums and bugles.  High on the list of my scout boys.  We came home with a reproduction bugle.  The process has been slow to put out a bugle call with it.  I am making headway and the rest... are making a noise somewhat resembling a dying buffalo.

We liked that they had an interactive treasure hunt of sort for the kids to work on but I would love to see some more interactive things for children there. Thanks to Grandma L. for the great outing

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