Monday, June 20, 2011

Lair O' the Bear 2011

Our yearly treks up to the foothills/mountains to the Lair O' the Bear is a yearly tradition that the kids and I eagerly look forward to. I think we will be going again next week, only this time... we are going to pick up some river tubes for floating on. The day was a gloriously lazy day. The kids floating and exploring the water and I nestled in a camp chair with a good book.

As with all the kids, I never tire of looking at Mr. J's smile. His smile is uniquely endearing and calming. He radiates genuine love and acceptance.
By the end of the day there were 8 feet with river sediment nestled into their water logged wrinkled feet and in the cracks of their toes.

A little S. to take Mommy's picture.

Look closely... do you see what I see? The beginnings of a man? He has less than a year till he leaves Cub Scouts and enters the realm of Boy Scouts. It is just the tiniest bit of his future manly self emerging from the happiest hours of childhood. And behind follows the littlest brother, also transitioning. Moving seamlessly into his own experience of childhood's happiest hours. Leaving behind the traces of babyhood and toddler hood. So sure of himself. So strong in his identity. Even that little boy voice is showing that faint trace of becoming big.
Like I said, I was enjoying the glories of children fully occupied and nestled myself under a massive cottonwood tree, shaded from the bombardment of a 90 degree day. Soaking my feet in the river. Between the good read and gazing my eyes on my playful kids. Marveling in the photo moments. Sometimes I caught them, sometimes I didn't.

Brothers are for splashing... splashing sisters is especially fun too.

One of their biggest excitement was the close up study of the river sediment. The "I wonders" emanating about how to tell whether or not the gold flecks they are seeing are gold or Iron Pyrite. Then A deciding that either way they were precious to them.

Exploring old trees with particularly fairy folk looking holes. Grand plans made for bringing gifts for the Fairy folk our next trip up.

A world shaded in wonder. Every aspect of this river filled with discovery.

The drunken smile of a lazy day.

Rocks to admire

Make shift panning for gold.

A River sediment sampling up close.

When siblings become such good friends. They share their discovery. They have always been this way with each other. Perhaps being 15 months apart is its own unique bond.

The thing about J is that he knows how cute he is. If you tell him any of his good qualities, he will simply reply, "I know." But not really in an arrogant way. Just he understands himself or more importantly, believes in all that is good about himself.

The trees are wonderful to be a kid in at that place.

River walking.

A hesitant step in. Not liking the unsteady course of the path ahead. Being little will do that to you.

iAh.... Rhubarb from the farmer's market. I think it was the kid's first experience with it. Shameful I know. I went again yesterday to buy some more but they didn't have any. Perhaps next week and I plan to also get enough for some Strawberry Rhubarb pie and Strawberry Rhubarb Freezer jam.

Can't wait till our next trip up to our favorite river.

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