Monday, December 7, 2009

State Forest Near Gold/North Park in Northern Colorado

Given that it was a Daddy daughter campout, I don't have a lot to say about it, other than the pictures were beautiful and I can't believe I haven't been camping (well besides camping in our Tee-Pee in the back yard) all summer. We are going on the Ward Campout next month and we hope to add an extra day or two to make it more fun as a whole family.They went camping at the State Forest near Gold/North Park in Northern Colorado.
This moose was at the Moose Nature Center there.

Miss C, says this was just her looking through the binoculars and noticing that Daddy was now really close.
Wish this was closer, perhaps we will have to see if we can edit that.
Miss C says, "I was sitting by the fire and getting warmed up first thing in the morning and I was getting warmed up as Daddy was making the fire.
The campsite
S'Mores! Yum!

Miss C. took time to photograph lots of flowers on their hike where they ascended 480 Ft. in .8 miles. I am thinking some of her photos would make great cards.

Waterfall: Miss C " It was noisy and really fast. I think it came from a river. And Dad saw these pipes that make our water."

Lake Agnes

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